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doForms Website Redesign Case Study

  • doForms needed more user-friendly and SEO optimized website to attract more app users
  • We created a new website, paid media campaigns, and SEO Strategy
  • The result: 22% increase in new traffic in 2 months
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The doForms Website Needed A Better UX To Increase Conversions

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Cluttered UX

doForms’ product is an advanced, highly scalable mobile forms software solution. It allows customers to build custom forms in minutes. However, their valuable product was overshadowed by a cluttered interface that was bogged down by too many unused web pages.

Stifled Growth

doForms wanted to generate more leads, garner more brand visibility in the market, and rank better for specific keywords in order to generate better organic traffic. In addition, the client aimed to improve on-site metrics, such as visitors, time on site, lower bounce rates, and more.


We Created A New Website, Paid Media Campaign
& SEO Strategy

In order to improve the website’s aesthetics, organization and value, Digital Silk decided to create a new website step-by-step. Some of our deliverables included:

Some of our deliverables included:
  • Website Audit

    Digital Silk conducted competitor research, a website audit and an SEO analysis to identify the weak points of the existing website.

  • Website Strategy & SEO

    We created a new sitemap, removed zombie pages, and completed optimization tasks aimed at boosting SEO.

  • Website Redesign

    Piece by piece, we wireframed and designed new pages for doForms, including a homepage, free trial page, product page, a blog (complete with new, fully optimized content from us!) and more

  • Multi-Channel Marketing

    We coupled the new website with a retargeting campaign, organic social media schedule and social media ads to boost brand awareness and traffic.

The Results

In 2 months, we improved doForms’ SEO and website engagement.

We increased
backlinks by


increasing doForms’
authority and trustworthiness.

We targeted

1.5 K

to reach
a wider audience.

We decreased
bounce rate by

21 %

on the home page
and by 18% on the free trial page.

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Before and after of doForms' web design
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